Effective Stain Removers for All Budgets

Stains on your toilet seats, furniture, ceilings and floors can be frustrating, especially if you want to give your customers a pristine first impression. Although the most important aspect of stain removal is pre-treating it as soon as possible, in the case of high traffic and long service hours, it could be hours before you can tackle a stain which then becomes challenging. Old stains are notoriously difficult to remove, giving rise to the conundrum of leaving the ghastly stain as it is or using an aggressive stain remover that can sometimes damage the surface on which it is used.

However, stain removal does not always have to be a struggle and here are a few products to help you get rid of stains easily and effectively, while being safe for your cleaners and surfaces.

Banish the Bane of Toilet Stains

Is your toilet bowl looking rusty and beginning to stain? The nasty brownish and yellowish rings around the rims of toilet bowls, usually caused by the build-up of minerals from hard water, can be a challenge to remove. Urine stains on toilet seats and toilet bowls can put off customers and affect their experience as well. Most toilet bowls are made of porcelain, which is prone to picking up stubborn stains, making sparkling clean toilets seemingly inconceivable.

What you need is a product that helps you do the heavy-lifting. Domestos Toilet & Bathroom Bleach is a bleach cleaner that is suitable for all toilet surfaces. Its ultra-thick formula clings on to the surface to prolong reaction time and eliminates all known germs, making the surface sparkling clean and germ-free. Use it on toilet rims, floors, sinks, and tiles to effectively clean grime and mildew and whiten lime scale.

Make Cleaning Your Kitchen Utensils a Breeze

Larger restaurants and hotels usually use industrial dishwashing machines but in some smaller establishments, dishes are washed by hand. Cleaning stuck-on food and grime from a large volume of dishes can be a tedious task. Using the right cleaning products could help reduce the time and effort required to clean kitchen utensils. Dishes and other frequently used cooking utensils should be washed thoroughly to remove any food or oil stains. Although stainless steel is known as a durable material, it can become lacklustre over time due to wear and tear from daily use. Hard water mineral build-ups, food stains, and cooking grease can rob your utensils of their shine.

Sunlight Professional Hand Dishwashing Liquid has an ultra-concentrated formula that helps to remove odours, burnt food deposits and tough grease thoroughly, without leaving any residue. It is also suitable for use on other surfaces such as kitchen and table tops, where grease and grime often deposit.

Restore the Shine of Your Kitchen Sink

With leftover food, sauces, and drinks being wash down the sink, your kitchen sinks can soon start looking grimy and dull. Long-term exposure to food acids could also etch the surface. Soap residue, food stains, and rust can build up quickly around the kitchen sink area if not maintained consistently, resulting in unsightly stains in the long run.

CIF Pro Cream Cleaner is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner designed to tackle tough stains with minimum effort. Incorporated with microparticles, its concentrated creamy formula effectively takes on soap scum, stubborn stains, and burnt food, keeping your kitchen sink looking new for longer.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Sparkling Clean Floors

Floors with unsightly shoe prints and grease that has accumulated over time can give your customers a negative impression about your cleanliness standards. To create a welcoming impression, floors require daily cleaning or more, for instance in the case of spills, to prevent accumulation and transfer of dirt and grime, it is important to clean the spill immediately.

Cif Professional Floor Disinfectant is specially designed to remove deposits of grease and oil-based soils that can accumulate on floors. The quick-drying formula leaves your floor squeaky clean without any sticky feeling. It is suitable for use on all water-resistant floors including sealed wooden floor boards, vinyl and linoleum and glazed & unglazed ceramic and quarry tiles.

Clean Surface Stains Effectively with this All-in-one Solution
Cleaning remnants from meals, dust and dirt accumulated on countertops and furniture can become overwhelming, especially when multiple cleaning products are involved. This makes multi-purpose cleaning products which you can buy in bulk come in handy.

Cif Professional All-Purpose Cleaner is an all-in-one solution for fast and simple daily cleaning. Its anti-bacterial formula sanitizes surfaces while easily lifting grease and grime. It is suitable for use on kitchen benchtops, microwaves, dishwashers, fridge, cooking areas, stainless steel, and tiles.

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