Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You may reset your password by using your email
View the steps below as guidance to reset your password.
Step 1: Fill up your email at the log in page and click on “Forget Password”
Step 2: Fill up your email and click the “Reset Password” button
Step 3: You will receive an email to reset the password.
Step 4: Next, key in your new password and confirm password.
Step 5: Click ‘Change my Password’ to compete this process.

Now you can log in your account with your new password

How do i register for a Kakkak account if I do not have an email address?

There are 3 other ways to register for a Kakkak account:

  • Email
  • Facebook account (Coming Soon)
  • Google account (Coming Soon)

How do I change the information in my account?

Step 1: Click on ‘Account’ and then on the gear icon at the right-hand corner of the page.
Step 2: Click on the information section that you intend to edit and save the changes accordingly.

How can I order without a Kakkak Account?

We would love you to be part of our Kakkak family to enjoy all the features and promotions we offer on the kakkak website. Therefore, you would need to create an account with Kakkak before starting your shopping experience!

Click here to sign up for Kakkak account.

How do I deactivate my account?

You will be able to deactivate / delete your Kakkak account. You may simply not use your account if you no longer want or may email to to help to delete your kakkak account.

How can I update my phone number on Kakkak?

Step 1: Click on ‘Account’ and then on the gear icon at the right-hand corner of the page.
Step 2: You will arrive at the My account page. Click on ‘Addresses’ page.
Step 3: Click ‘edit’ on the address page and scroll down to find phone column.
Step 4: Re-key your HP number and click ‘save button’.

How do I set my default shipping and billing address?

Step 1: Click on ‘Account’ and then on the gear icon at the right-hand corner of the page.
Step 2: Click ‘edit’ button at your preferred address. Click and slide the button to the right to pick up the address as default address; defaults can be selected for shipping address and billing address.
Step 3: Click ‘Save Button’ and your preferred address has now become your default address for billing and delivery.

Can I visit the Kakkak platform and browse without providing any personal details?

Yes, you can browse at the Kakkak website without having to provide personal details. However, you will be required to sign up for an account if you wish to use the services and functions made available by us on the Kakkak website.

What kind of personal data does Kakkak collect from me?

During the course of your use of our website and our provision of services to you, we may collect the following personal data from you: identity data, contact data, account data, transaction data, technical data, profile data, usage data, location data, biometric data, as well as marketing and communications data.

For what purposes does Kakkak use and/or disclose my personal data?

The personal data we collect from you may be used and/or disclosed for a variety of purposes, such as the following:

  • To facilitate the use of our website
  • To process your orders
  • To facilitate your payments
  • To deliver the products which you have purchased
  • To update you on the delivery of the products you have purchased
  • To verify and carry out financial transaction in relation to payments you make online
  • To carry out research on our user’s demographics and behaviour
  • To provide you more information we think, you may find useful or which you have requested from us.
  • To support the socializing function of our services.
  • To promote certain services and use information that you give to us, such as user-generated content (including video content)
  • To derive further attributes relating to you based on personal data provided by you to enhance your experience with us.
  • To send you marketing or promotional materials informing you of the latest deals and promotions.

Does Kakkak share my personal data with third parties?

We may share and permit the sharing of your personal data with third parties and affiliates for the purposes set out in our privacy policy. In sharing your personal data, we endeavour to ensure that the third parties and our affiliates keep your personal data secure and only retain your personal data only for as long as your personal data is needed to achieve what they need your personal data to achieve the above mentioned purposes.

Additionally, we may share your personal data with third parties in exceptional circumstances, such as when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes, or for fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements and requests.

What payment methods are supported by Kakkak?

Below are few different payment methods users can use to pay for their orders. 

  • Credit / Debit Card (coming soon)
    Kakkak only supports locally issued Visa / Mastercard.
  • Online Banking
    Orders can be paid via CIMB Clicks, Maybank2u and etc and get updated within minutes for fast and secure payment service.
  • Ewallet payment
    Kakkak Website only support T&G and BOOST

How can I contact Kakkak Customer Service?

Before you reach out to our customer service assistant, you may try to search for a solution inside our Help Centre if you need assistance for general issues. Below are some of the common categories and top questions that you may want to ask us.
Also, you can always use keywords and search using our search bar. This enables our system to provide with you with relevant answers first.
Alternatively, you can always reach out to our email team by clicking the “email icon” or engage with our WhapApps number at Contact us page. Do remember to include your Kakkak username and a short statement regarding your query for our reference to serve you in a more efficient manner. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

What should I do if I made double payment?

In the event you have been issued double payment for a single amount owed, you may refer to the steps below in resolving this issue for the following payment methods:

Credit Card
Credit Card users are advised to wait 7 – 14 working days for refund to be automatically credited back into your bank account.

Online Banking
If you have made double payment via Online Banking, please contact our Customer Service agent via the ‘Email’ icon below or ‘Chat with Agent’ if you are on mobile. Kindly provide proof of double payment in the form of a screenshot for our agents to assist you further.

What should I do if there is an unauthorized transaction from my account

Do reach out to us as soon you know of the unauthorized transaction You may do so by filling up a call back form and an agent will be in contact with you shortly.

How do I know if my Order has been confirmed?

Here are a few ways for you to check whether your order has been confirmed.

  • Email
    You will receive an order confirmation at your registered email, once your order has been confirmed.
  • Payment Success notification
    You will see a ‘Payment Success’ icon appear at the Order Received page once your order has been confirmed.
  • My Orders Page
    You will see a ‘Paid’ Status for your order at the My Orders page as confirmation for your order.

Does adding an item to my cart mean that I have already booked it?

Item(s) in your cart are not considered as booked or confirmed as these items can be removed or added to your preference.
Note: Item(s) in the cart may be out of stock within the time frame that the is in the cart.
In the case where your item(s) in the cart has run out of stock, you will see that the item is ‘Unavailable’

How do I remove an item from my cart?

Step 1: On Kakkak website, click on the cart icon to view the item(s) that are currently in your cart.
Step 2: From your cart, click the ‘X’ icon. Your cart will be updated, and the item will no longer be in your cart.

How do I pay for my order?

You may refer to the steps below to make a payment and complete your purchases with Kakkak.
Step 1: On the product page, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button if you wish to add more products and pay collectively.
Step 2: You will be directed to the checkout page to complete your payment. Confirm your details an select your preferred payment method before clicking on the ‘Place Order’ button.

Note: if you abandon the payment page or abruptly exit the app, your orders will remain unpaid. To check on your unpaid orders, simply click on ‘To Pay’ section at the Account page. Then, click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to complete your payment and successfully place an order. If you would like to change your payment method or attempting another payment, you need to tick to cancel current payment box before clicking ‘Pay Again’ button.

For what reasons can I return an item?

Generally, you Return reason are available based on the Return Policy that will be listed in the ‘Return Request’ page when you intend to initiate a return. You may review the Return Reasons for your item when you click the ‘Select’ button on the ‘Return Request’ page.
Please fill in the ‘Additional Comment’ section, particularly for a ‘Return to Seller’ request as this will give the seller more information about the reason for your Return Request for Seller to decide on approving or rejecting your request.

  1. Defective
  2. Not as advertised
  3. Wrong item
  4. Missing Freebies
  5. Wrong size
  6. Missing accessories

What are the types of Return Policies available on Kakkak?

a. Within 10 Working Days return to Kakkak

A return to Kakkak will either approve a reject a Return Request based on valid return reason and additional feedback given by customer when initiating a Return Request. As part of this process, you or the seller may initiate a chat for discussion on the Return Request prior to the Seller’s approval/rejection.- you may dispute this decision if you do not agree with the decision.
The return validity (within 10 days) varies depending on the item. You can check your items’ Return Policy and validity in the service within the product page. The return validity period starts from the delivered date.

b. Non-returnable

Some items on Kakkak are non-returnable due to the nature of the item. This applies for perishable goods. The services section on your product page will show you the label ‘This item is non-returnable’ for products with this policy.
Email your product return request to within 3 days from product received. In the email you must include following details such as your name as per NRIC, order number and photography of the order.

What can I do to ensure that my return is not rejected?

Refer to the checklist below to ensure your returns will not get rejected by Kakkak.

Your returned item(s) needs to be:

  1. In the same condition as it was received.
  2. Properly packed to ensure a safe return shipping
  3. Needs to have a return label attached
  4. Dopped off as per selected drop off courier partner as stated on your Return Label
  5. Within the accepted dimension for specific drop off courier partner.

If you return package is above maximum package size and weight as stated above, do reach out to Kakkak Customer service to make an arrangement to have your return package picked up.

How long do I have to return an item?

In the ‘Order Details’ page for ‘Delivered’ items, you will see the last return validity date for you to submit a Return request in blue. Past this date, you will not be able to initiate a Return Request.

How long do I wait to be refunded for my return?

Approximately 7 days from the day you dropped off your return package.
Refunds from returns will only begin processing once the Kakkak Warehouse receives the return package and quality check is completed to either approve or reject the return requested.
Once processing is complete, you will receive an email when your refund has been initiated.

How do I track my returns?

Step 1: On Kakkak website, click on ‘Account’ and under the ‘My Orders’ section, click on the ‘Return’ to view the list of your return item(s)
Step 2: At the ‘My Returns’ page, you will be able to see the latest key milestone of your return status (beginning status is ‘Return Initiated’ and end status is ‘Refunded’)
Note: if your prefer a different view of your returns, you may click on the return in ‘My Returns’ page and then click the status in red to arrive to your ‘Progress Track’ page.

Refund for Returns

How soon will I receive my refund after returning an order?

After you have dropped off your return package (or it has been picked up from you if applicable). It will take around 8 workings days on average for the return package to be received by Kakkak Warehouse. However, please allow for a maximum of 25 workings days for your package to be received by Kakkak Warehouse, depending on the overall order volume, campaign period or other acceptable reasons.

Once the Kakkak Warehouse received the returned package, a quality check will be done and a passed quality to check will result in acceptance of return request. A quality check will be done in 2 workings days after the returned package has reached our warehouse.

Return Accepted: If your item passes Kakkak Warehouse quality check, a ‘Refund Issued’ status will be reflected on the ‘My Orders’ Page in your account. On top of that, an email notification stating that your refund is being processed will be send to your registered email address as well. This indicated that Kakkak refund processing time frame has started.

How soon will I be refunded after a failed delivery?

You will be receiving email notification to inform your that the courier has failed to deliver the package. The courier will then take 5-8 working days to return the parcel to Kakkak for a refund to be processed. Failed Delivery can be potentially caused by one or combination of these reasons.
  1. Customer is unreachable or uncontactable
  2. There was no trust recipient available to receive the package.
  3. Package has been rejected at the doorstep.
  4. Destination of the package is outside of courier’s delivery coverage area.

How do I edit my shipping address?

Step 1: Click on ‘Account’ and then on the gear icon at the right-hand corner of the page. Step 2: You will arrive at My account page. Click on ‘Address icon’ Step 3: You will then see a list of shipping addresses or add new address. Click on the edit button to edit an address. Click ‘Save’ once you make changes. Note: you can also mark a shipping address as a Home address or an office address by clicking on either the ‘Office’ or the ‘Home’ button. You are encouraged to do this, as if reduces chances of a failed delivery.

Why do some products take longer shipping time?

The Shipping time for a product depends on few factors.
  1. Origin of the products- if a product is shipped from overseas, it will take a longer time to arrive compared to a product that is shipped locally.
  2. Distance from Kakkak Warehouse location to your shipping address

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

Unfortunately, our courier partners are unable to deliver during weekends or public holidays. Please expect to receive your parcel on working days only.

How to identify the available delivery options for a product?

Step 1: Scroll to the ‘Delivery’ section on the product page. Step 2: Click ‘Delivery’ and you will arrive at the ‘Delivery options’ Tab. For there, you can view the available delivery options along with shipping time, shipping fees and delivery service.

How is my shipping fee calculated?

Shipping fee is auto calculated and is visible once you have selected the item(s) you intend to purchase in ‘My Cart’ prior to check out. The general rule of the calculation is as follows:
  1. Type of delivery option selected- ie: Express, standard, or economy
  2. Distance of your shipping address
  3. The weight and dimension of your package.

What happens after the delivery time has elapsed?

Kakkak will contact the customer with the option to raise claim in case the order was not received within the promised delivery time. Customer will have 7 calendar days to raise a claim in order to be refunded for their order. If no claim is raised within 7 calendar days then the order will be deemed received by the customer. The claim for refund can be negated by the kakkak if a valid proof of delivery is provided within reasonable timeframe, and such proof shall be considered final.

I have a received a damaged / a defective / an incorrect time, what should I do?

Note: if you noticed that the package (unopened package) is damaged, defective, or incorrect, do not sign in the ‘Proof of Delivery’ form. Please reject it at the doorstep so you do not to trouble yourself to return it. Damaged item If your item is damaged, you may return it and it should be done as soon as possible in order to be refunded. To return your damaged item, you may do so by submitting a form under certain condition. Defective item Defective item is a product with an undesirable feature in terms of the exterior and interior design. It can also be dangerous to the user who owned the product as it may cause physical harm. Incorrect item A product that does not match your order description falls under incorrect item category. For example, you ordered a chocolate milk for 1L but you ended up receiving a strawberry milk for 1L. Hence the next step would be return and refund request.

My order status says ‘Delivered’ but I have not received my item.

If your package has been marked as ‘Delivered’, it may have been received on your behalf by someone else. To see who has received your package. Step 1: Click on ‘Account’ and then on ‘View all Orders’ Step 2: Click on your item and then on ‘Track Package’. You will see the name of the recipient as well as proof of delivery.