Air Wick Scented Gel Cone Fresh Picked Berries (180g)

Air Wick Scented Gel Cone Fresh Picked Berries (180g)


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New Air Wick Scented gel contains Natural Essential Oils to deliver an authentic and fresh experience to your home with nature-inspired fragrances. It neutralizes odours and provides up to 30 days of continuous freshness. The lid is adjustable, so you can easily control the level of freshening power in each room.

Air Wick Fresh-picked Berries Scented Gel
The enticing blend of freshly-picked berries with fruity notes evokes delightful memories of nature to elevate your mood.

– Contains Essential Oils
– Lasts up to 30 days
– Neutralizes odours & freshens
– Adjustable holder that allows easy control of level of fragrance to perfectly fit any area of your home or car.

Fragrance: good strength, consistency and quality for format
Versatility: portable, can be placed everywhere

1. Peel off the plastic film at the bottom part of the packaging to activate.
2. Press the plastic buttons in both front and back and pull down.
3. Slide the cap to adjust.