ar FÜM Laundry Capsules Damask Rose / Cherry Blossoms 12g*42pcs [Limited Edition]


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ar FÜM Laundry Capsules Damask Rose 12g*42pcs [Limited Edition]
– exudes long-lasting fine fragrance and brings out the multiple facets of the sensual damask rose, ensuring you emanate beauty and captivation. Damask rose has a unique and sweet fragrance and is renowned for being highly fragrant, as well as in the spotlight for the perfume industry. On top of that, it is also recognised for its refreshing, astringent and soothing properties. It brings many health benefits due to its antimicrobial effects and anti-inflammatory properties that have been in use for centuries.

ar FÜM Laundry Capsules Cherry Blossom 12g*42pcs [Limited Edition]
– perfect for those who love fruity-floral fragrance, as if you are walking under the blooming flowers in Japan. When we mention cherry blossoms, the first thing that comes to mind is Japan’s beautiful annual cherry blossom blooming with flowers that gently blanket the parks in various shades of pink. Cherry blossom’s scent is elegant and delicate, with light and faint rose qualities.

– Concentrated detergent packets can burst if children put them in mouth or play with them.
– The liquid is harmful if put in mouth, swallowed, or in eyes.
– Keep packets out of reach of children, avoid breaking packets.
– Call poison control immediately if detergent get in mouth or eye or skin immediately and rinse eye or skin with water for 15min.