Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Mould Spray (435ML)

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Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Mould Spray
A powerful cleaner with bleach that effectively removes mould and mildew stains from a variety of surfaces including: bath tubs, toilets, showers, tiled walls and grout, leaving your surfaces at their beautiful best.

• Powerful cleaner with bleach
• Suitable to remove tea, wine, mould and mildew stains
• Can be used on a wide range of outdoor surfaces
• Leaves your surfaces sparkling clean

Pack Size: 435ML

Suitable for:
• Bath tub, tiled wall, toilets, shower cubicles, grout

How to use:
Step 1 : Spray onto surface from a distance of 10-15cm and leave for 15-20 minutes
Step 2 : Rinse with water
Step 3 : Wipe dry with cloth

2 reviews for Cif Perfect Finish Anti-Mould Spray (435ML)

  1. Amelia Lau

    Amelia Lau

    Honestly, anyone having mould problems in their shower area NEEDS THIS PRODUCT. Does exactly what it’s meant to – gets rid of all the mould even the dark ones that stains. I left mine on for about an hour+ and came back to a non mouldy shower and if I could give it more than 5 stars, I totally would! A+++++

  2. nez simply

    nez simply

    best sekali product ni! betul betul boleh tanggalkan kesan kotor yang lama kat tandas! bestttt!

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