Cif Pro Cream Cleaner (500ML)
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Cif Pro Cream Cleaner (500ML)

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Cif Pro Cream Cleaner
Cif Pro Cream, a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner designed to tackle tough cleaning with minimum effort. A concentrated creamy formula incorporated with micro particles that are particularly effective on burnt-on food, soap scum and stubborn stains

• Saves time on cleaning and shining
• Saves cost
• Positive image
• Minimum effort

Pack Size: 500ML

Suitable for:
• Types of stains – Food residue, watermarks, grease
• Surface types – Stove top, counter top, sinks, tiles, ceramic toilet seats, shower

How to use:
Step 1 : Ready to use. Apply on soiled surface
Step 2 : Spread gently and evenly with damp cloth
Step 3 : Wipe away with clean damp cloth and rinse.
* Use a hand scrubbing pad for heavy soiled, stained surfaces.