Domestos Toilet & Bathroom Bleach – Citrus Fresh (500ML)
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Domestos Toilet & Bathroom Bleach – Citrus Fresh (500ML)

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    Domestos Toilet & Bathroom Bleach
    An ultra concentrated thick bleach formula that can be used all around the home when you follow the instructions on the bottle. It is a versatile line of products that can be used on a surprising number of surfaces to keep you and your family safer against illness.

    • One of the UK’s no.1 bleach
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs
    • Removes mould, moss, grease stains and smells
    • Handy 500 ml of Domestos cleaning power
    • Child resistant cap to open

    ^NAOCI (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 0.5% when used undiluted. WHO recommends the use of sodium hypochlorite to fight coronavirus.

    Pack Size: 500ML

    Suitable for:
    • Types of stains – Mould, moss, grease
    • Surface types – Floors, cups, toilets, drains

    • Classic Orginal
    • Citrus Fresh
    • Pink Power

    How to use:
    For toilet rim:
    Step 1 : Squeeze 80 ml under toilet rim
    Step 2 : Allow 15 minutes reaction time
    Step 3 : Brush and flush
    Step 4 : For optimal long lasting protection may use the product at least once a day

    For kitchen/bathroom:
    Step 1 : Apply to sink & surfaces
    Step 2 : Allow 5 minutes reaction time
    Step 3 : Rinse
    Step 4 : Squirt into drains & sinks to disinfect & eliminate unpleasant smells

    For floor cleaning:
    – Add 4 capsful into 5litre of water (2.5litre). DO NOT USE NEAT ON FLOORS.

    For other usages:
    – Dishcloths / Sponges: Add 2 capsful in half bucket of water for soaking
    – To bleach whites: Add 20ml into 5litre of water for 5-15mins soaking. Rinse after use

    Protect yourself & others from viruses.

    2 reviews for Domestos Toilet & Bathroom Bleach – Citrus Fresh (500ML)

    1. Tuck Yip

      The product is so citrusy making the cleaning fresh and shine

    2. Lai Zhen Yip


      Easy to use and worthy 👍🏿

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