Domex Pro Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner (900ML)
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Domex Pro Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner (900ML)

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    Domex Pro Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner
    Domex Pro Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner is an ultra thick bleach toilet cleaner that eliminates all known germs, leaving the surface clean and germs free.

    • Clings to prolong reaction time
    • Maximum protection against germs
    • Quickly dissolves limescale deposits
    • Safe to use on porcelain and glazed surfaces

    Pack Size: 900ML

    Suitable for:
    • Types of dirt – Mould, organic soil, soap
    • Surface types – Toilet rim, tiles, sink, floor

    How to use:

    For toilet rim
    Step 1 : Squeeze 80ml under toilet rim. For toilet with a septic tank, squeeze 20ml under toilet rim.
    Step 2 : Allow 20 minutes reaction time
    Step 3 : Brush and flush

    For floor cleaning
    Step 1 : Add 300 ml to 5L bucket of water
    Step 2 : Mop over surface
    Step 3 : Air dry for elimination of door
    Step 4 : Squeeze 80 ml into the drain and leave for 60 minutes before water flowing


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