FRESH HY Lingerie Wash 150ml

FRESH HY Lingerie Wash 150ml


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FRESH HY Lingerie Wash 150ml

Fresh HY Lingerie Wash has anti-bacteria formula cleans your garment and cares for fabric and underwear, leaving your underwear fresh with natural fragrance. Special care for lingerie or underwear wash.

• Effectively clean and remove stains
• Anti-redeposition
• Actively remove dirt and prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal
• A gentle emollient is added to ensure that suitable for delicate fabrics

Please turn the pump in the direction of the arrow.

Hand Wash:
• Pump directly onto underwear and wash. For tough stains, apply product directly onto stained area. Gently rub the soiled part together and let stand for 10 minutes before washing.

Washing Machine:
• Apply directly on the stain and scrub gently, followed by normal washing procedure.

• Keep away from children.
• Keep away from eyes.