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Cif No-Rinse Surface Sanitizer
Food safe, perfect for hard food contact surfaces such as kitchen countertops and tables. Cif No- Rinse Sanitizer Spray that delivers fast 99.999% germ kill.

• 99.999% Germ Kill
• General exterior cleaning
• Food safe and perfume free
• Neutral formulation
• No rinse or wipe needed.

Pack Size: 500ML

Suitable for
• Disinfecting food contact surfaces, sink & kitchen equipment and table-tops
• Sanitizes and disinfects high-touch surfaces and minimises cross-contamination

How to use:
• Spray onto surface & leave for 5 minutes to evaporate, no rinse or wipe needed.

Cif Multi-purpose Anti-Bac Wipes clean and disinfect in one wipe, leaving nothing but a zesty scent. Cif wipes are specially designed with a strong honeycomb weave to soften, detach and lift dirt quickly on virtually all surfaces around your establishment.

• Clean & Disinfect in one wipe
• Eliminates bacteria like Salmonella, E.Coli & Listeria and Flu viruses (H1N1) .

Pack Size: 90PCS

Suitable for:
• use in clinics, care-homes, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels.
• suitable to clean most hard surfaces including: sink, cooker, shower, fridge, toilets, bin, tabletops

How to use:
1. Break the seal and open by peeling off the sticker halfway.
2. Wipe surfaces to remove dirt and bacteria. No need to rinse or wipe dry.
3. Make sure the pack is resealed after use to avoid wipes drying out.

• DO NOT flush down the toilet.
• DO NOT use on marble and painted wood.
• DO NOT use for personal hygiene.

Cif Professional All Purpose Cleaner
Cif Pro All Purpose Cleaner cleans on most surfaces and stains. Fast and simple daily cleaning of unpolished floors, walls, paintwork, ceramics, laminates, plastics and all other washable hard surfaces.

• Lifts grease & grime
• Anti-Bacterial action sanitizes surfaces
• Ease of use
• Cost saving

Pack Size: 520ML

Suitable for
• Type of stains – Grease, grime, soap scum, food soil, stainless steel, enamel, tiles, ceramic
• Surface types – Kitchen benchtop, bathroom, microwave, dishwashers, fridge, cooking areas

How to use:
• Spray on soiled surface
• For wipe with damp cloth
• Rinse thoroughly