Harpic Power Bluematic Toilet Block (50g x 6)

Harpic Power Bluematic Toilet Block (50g x 6)


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Harpic Blumatic 50G Jumbo 6S Toilet Cleaner
In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner
Power Cleaning Kills Germ Freshens

Cleans the full toilet system (in the cistern, under the rim, in the toilet bowl and S-bend with blue action).
Removes stains and kills germs with every flush.
Freshens with pine fresh scent.
Lasts up to 4 weeks.

Tear open plastic bag. Do not remove the cloth.
Drop block into cistern but away from water inlet.
To activate, wait for 10 minutes before the first flush.
Replace with another block when blue colour disappears.

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