Surf Professional Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder 6kg
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Surf Professional Multi Purpose Cleaning Powder 6kg

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Surf Pro Multi-purpose Powder, ONE high performance cleaning solutions to tackle large-scale operations & facilities.

– Increase efficientcy, cuts time, boost results and offers the best value of cleaning product.
– ONE effective & efficient solution suitable for wide range of surfaces in manufacturing & industrial sites.
– Phosphate free formula

– Types of surfaces: Ceramic, Tiles, Fabric, Cement floor,
– Areas of application: Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Garages, Gas stations.

– For concrete/ ceramic tile/ garage cleaning: Dilute 300 gram in 20 litres of water. Brush and rinse with water
– For bathroom wall and toilet cleaning: Dilute 150 gram in 5 litres of water. Pour on surface and brush and rinse with water.
– For dish washing: Dilute 15 gram in 2 litres of water for kitchen utensils. Rinse thoroughly with water.
– For washing fabrics by hand: Dissolve 30 gram with 4-5 litres of water until completely dissolved. Soak fabrics fpr 30 minutes. Gently wash and rinse with water, squeeze and dry in a cool place. (Recommended 15 pieces for 30 grams)
– For washing fabrics by machine: Use 60 grams for 1 wash cycle. Adjust grammage accordingly to the number of fabrics by weight. (Recommended 20 – 25 pieces for 60 grams). Follow the machine instructions.
– For tough stains, apply more product.

Anionic Surfactants, Builders, Anti-Redeposition Agents, Brightening Agents, Fragrance


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