Vanish Fabric Stain Remover (1L)


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Vanish – tough on stains, Whitens whites, Brightens colours

Add New Vanish Liquid with your laundry detergent to effectively remove all kinds of stubborn stains. Vanish non-chlorine formula is safe for colours and fabrics.

Preparation and Usage
Machine Wash : Add 60ml of Vanish to your regular detergent
Wash as usual.

Hand Wash : Add some Vanish to your regular detergent (40ml for 3L water)
Rinse thoroughly, never let Vanish dry on your garments.

For Tough Stains : Pour some Vanish Liquid directly on stains
Wait a few minutes (max 10 min), wash as usual
Do not allow Vanish to dry on clothes
Application of Vanish to fresh stains gives better results.

Safe on wool, silk and delicate garments
For delicate fabrics, test on an inconspicuous area first
Always follow washing instructions of garments
Do not use on a garment that needs dry cleaning
Do not pour directly onto metallic parts (e.g. buttons, zippers)
Do not leave applied garments under sunlight.